How to register for the Barefoot Masters

Registration is done by Federations (Countries).  Any skier who desires to enter the Masters must be approved by their Federation.  Any skier who enters is automatically part of the Federations’ team. The Federation must take two steps to enter skiers.  By June 5, 2022 the Federation must provide the organizers an Intent to Enter Form.

By  August 26, 2022, the Federation must enter skiers in the Masters using the EMS system which lists all skiers the Federation is entering and in what divisions and events. Instructions for entry via the EMS system has been sent to the Federations.  There are monetary fines for failure to meet these deadlines.

EACH COMPETITOR MUST FILL OUT A BIO FOR THE ANNOUNCERS: FOLLOW THIS LINK and fill out form… otherwise the announcers may make it up!


USA, Argentina & Hungary: Teri Larson Jones

Australia: Paul Harries

Belgium: TBD

Canada: Terry Jones

China: TBD

Finland: TBD

France: TBD

Germany: TBD

Great Britain: TBD

Mexico: TBD

New Zealand: Robbie Groen

South Africa: TBD

South Korea: TBD

Sweden: TBD

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